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About Us

Our work strives to enhance our sense of surroundings, identity and relationship to others and the physical spaces we inhabit, whether feral or human-made.

Selected Awards
  • 2004 — Aga Khan Award for Architecture
  • 2009 — Mies van der Rohe Award
  • 2013 — AIA/ALA Library Building Award
  • 2015 — Best Interior, Designers Saturday
  • 2016 — AIA New York Honor Award

Have your when you look at the shower, sparkling your self down, clean the bed/sofa/sling/dining area dining table in which youa€™ve started playing, and call it a bad nights.

Have your when you look at the shower, sparkling your self down, clean the bed/sofa/sling/dining area dining table in which youa€™ve started playing, and call it a bad nights.

Your body is definitely outside your control occasionally. It can unusual products. You happen to be only capable manage it to a time. This tale happens to many of us. Whenever it do, envision me personally hugging both you and letting you know to get type to yourself, love the human body, and just take fiber routines like Metamucil or absolute for Men to prevent these types of mishaps as time goes by.

Just in case youa€™re among those adorable shit pigs on the market, disregard this slideshow and play aside!

17. When you recognize that hea€™s fetishizing something in regards to you.

After-dinner, we lead back again to his put. Inside doorway, he asked myself surprise concern: a€?We gamble youa€™re instead of meds, right?a€?

a€?I am on meds. Ia€™m undetectable.a€?

a€?Oh. Neverthelessa€™re poz, correct?a€?

a€?Yes, but because Ia€™m on treatment and invisible, my personal chance of sending HIV is simply zero.a€?

a€?So you cana€™t poz me?a€?

a€?I was thinking you wanted to poz me personally.a€?

The guy desired us to seroconvert him a€” infect your with HIV. Once I informed your I was, in line with the most recent research, virtually chemically struggling to do this, and this i mightna€™t do it to him if I could, he said, a€?All appropriate, better, i must run. Have a good nights.a€? Then he closed the doorway inside my face.

This has only happened certainly to me once, in Atlanta. The whole nights ended up being a farce; he had fetishized my personal HIV-positive position. Dudes may fetishize nothing about you, out of your skin color your frame to your peak. For me, this was quite hurtful and terrifying, specifically since he previously been through an entire (extremely pleasurable) meal big date before communicating this objective. I thought lied to, manipulated, and harm. It actually was among my personal the majority of rattling dates/hookups ever.

18. Initially you and your boyfriend take-home a third.

Yikes! It has resulted in the very best and worst nights Ia€™ve got as a boyfriend. The majority of my men have authorized us to get hold of a hot guy in the bar, and almost all my men bring freaked-out, obtained envious, or elsewhere regretted the choice. Feel cautioned!

19. Hot, dangerous community intercourse.

The best a€” excepting when you are getting caught.

Above per year before we relocated to Los Angeles, I became on a secondary using my group in Santa Monica. Whenever my moms and dads and cousin had been asleep within our accommodation, we got a space secret and snuck over to bum around down sea method and sail hot dudes. I finished up hooking up with a tall blonde chap from Berlin inside public vapor place of a nearby lodge. It had been going big a€¦ until a hotel attendant stepped in and spotted you. They straight away leftover, probably to go alert a manager, therefore we had to grab our very own information and operate.

20. Hookups in a foreign country in which you dona€™t understand any person.

Horror stories about kidnapped People in the us in foreign region abound, to some extent because of Liam Neeson videos and partially since they occur each and every day. Be careful in spots youra€™re not really acquainted with, satisfy men you need to have sex within public facilities prior to going someplace even more private, watch your alcohol consumption, vacation in teams with trustworthy company, need reasoning, feel practical, end up being smart, and have fun.

21. Whenever gender medications take you to a bad mental/emotional room.

The risk of playing on medicines is because they can still elevates to terrifying places. Some men dona€™t handle medication really. They see scared after medication struck, and additionally they feel like they dona€™t posses a lot regulation. If you attain that time, sit back someplace with somebody you count on and breathe until they passes. You may be truth be told there a while a€” thata€™s okay.

When someone you understand try attaining that time, simply stay indeed there with your. He probably wona€™t wanna talking a€” merely let your stay calm.

A negative impulse is not necessarily the just like an overdose, which is significantly more serious and scary. If nobody is sober, call 911 and obtain your to a medical facility ASAP.

22. When he states a€?I like youra€? a€” after you just satisfied.

My personal response: a€?i must get.a€?

23. When he initiate writing about fidelity and being loyal a€” once you merely met.

Apply your clothes. Grab your own telephone. Leave the entranceway.

24. Once youa€™re a seasoned hookup pro a€” you still making the completely wrong behavior.

Ia€™m a hookup pro. But sometimes, because I’m aroused or bored, I find my self travel to a house in a bad part of town inside the early hours on the day to meet up with somebody who is actually displaying the telltale indicators that hea€™s not which he states he’s (unwilling to program additional images and evidently incapable of simply take brand new ones, unwilling to text/call, and periodic replies). Sometimes we dare my self to endure with-it, to see where it takes me personally. But once Ia€™m wise, I turn around and go back home, horniness become damned.

25. Hookups in the center of no place.

Dona€™t hook-up regarding the coastline overnight zoosk vs okcupid, taking walks to a cell phone light 100 yards aside. Dona€™t meet your in a remote put where no-one will hear your whether it fails. Satisfy in public areas, at a bar, or about group. It may seem like many jobs, but this easy practice could keep you much safer than routinely browsing personal houses of people your dona€™t learn a€” or inviting them to your own. All of the horniness in this field isn’t well worth risking their security.

For all the worst hookup tales, you’ll find close ones. For the frightening evenings you have as soon as youa€™re young nonetheless calculating activities down, you should have much better nights in the future. I need to encourage caution if you’d like to explore medications, since they therefore easily can result in unhealthy nights and bad tactics. They might be a historic difficulty for homosexual males, and as such include some thing I feel need approaching. Ia€™m not antidrug a€” shaming things doesna€™t make people less dangerous a€” but i really do thought there arrives a spot in every task, whether starting up, going to the gymnasium, using medications, or working very long hours on the job, if you want to take one step as well as think about if you are generating individual wellness important. Manage yourself above all other items in daily life.

Enjoy starting up, and remember the bad people make fabulous table talk once youa€™re gabbing together with your friends a day later. Pleased Halloween, small devils.