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About Us

Our work strives to enhance our sense of surroundings, identity and relationship to others and the physical spaces we inhabit, whether feral or human-made.

Selected Awards
  • 2004 — Aga Khan Award for Architecture
  • 2009 — Mies van der Rohe Award
  • 2013 — AIA/ALA Library Building Award
  • 2015 — Best Interior, Designers Saturday
  • 2016 — AIA New York Honor Award

a€?cisa€? simply means your dona€™t wish a sexual intercourse modification procedure. We dona€™t observe thata€™s bigoted.

a€?cisa€? simply means your dona€™t wish a sexual intercourse modification procedure. We dona€™t observe thata€™s bigoted.

And no body can push one make a move one dona€™t might like to do thus I dona€™t discern why youra€™re therefore upset. If you dona€™t would like to be monogamous subsequently only dona€™t feel monogamous.

Really a bisexual mens in a connection with someone it does not necessarily know. We that see myself are not aware of and that I consider ita€™s most suitable for me to preserve it like this. Bisexual the male is definitely not popular by society.

I’ve been a€?outa€? as bisexual and sometimes from inside the craft sectors I run-in it was okay. But even during the most progressive and open-minded sub-culture on the benefits world today there’s a lot of discrimination, misconception, and disadvantage. In the past four years the negativeness and stigma possess brought about a three 12 months melancholy. I think bisexual guys needs to be precisely outside. And if there can be a preference for women bi lads should earnestly search out bisexual women for too long label collaborations. I have been monogomous practically in most of the commitments with women. The good news is I evening a bi wife exactly who hoped for an open union. An important part of the thing I come sad still is even though a€?proofa€? of male bisexuality it is still assumed a€?not to really exista€?. Stress comes if you find yourself constantly explained to be a non-existent guy. I need to furthermore state I have favored ladies and being a€?outa€? and coming-out to a female partner being rejected really heartbreaking and tense less creating homosexual males out correct inform you that you won’t ever dearly loved the women that you have got appreciated.

John Garrett Jones

I’ve been a joyfully married dude for 56 a very long time, get two adult kids and four pleasant grandkids. But extremely likewise bisexual!My wife recognized about my personal homosexual drive before you acquired joined so there never was the problem about disclosure. We have crafted a manuscript known as a€?Coming wash about Bisexualitya€? and is situated to some extent on my own experience and which alternative guys discovered practical. It can be see or openly obtained from the page, a€?Love a€“ maybe not battle.a€? Because you will view, I believe it’s important to accept that a bisexual guy is not at all in the same position as an exclusively gay man so this impacts on the kind of gay gender they explores. I would personally advise all bi males desire male couples to concentrate precisely what make boys male and also to hinder acquiring drawn into sodomy a€“ and that’s nonetheless pseudo-heterosexual. You will find placed the publication relating to an anti-war website (which you might additionally line up really worth reviewing) because males just who can really like oneself must appalled from the simple fact that numerous guys are still grateful to eliminate and maim each other a€“ in addition to any female or offspring whom get involved the company’s means a€“ if ordered for this. Ia€™d be glad to listen to away from you in the event you consider to reply, John Garrett Jones


struggling joined male finding support

Paul W.

I have identified a bisexual husband for over 2 full decades. He could be wedded with a sizable relatives great partner is often rather religious. Therefore, supplying the perfect a€?fronta€™ for him. Hea€™s had several matters with girls and shacks up with boys in a mask. Covering up his face. The spouse features discovered the female interaction but hea€™s was able to keep consitently the male relations hidden. Shea€™s usually forgiven him for your affairs she noticed him or her in.She as that hea€™s extremely stressed out. I dona€™t have got a reply for my friend. I understand about his diet but We dona€™t believe really simple destination to inform them. Conflicted within the Mid-west

Option: go out different bisexual both women and men. Trouble remedied.


I dona€™t know if Ia€™m 80% keen on lady and 20 percent to people, or 90/10, or 70/30, or any. I am just in a loyal partnership with lady you never know my favorite attitude, but I dona€™t have to have a BF at the same time. Contrary to some faith, we can have got monogamous commitments, and dona€™t should participate multiple associates at the same time. Ita€™s equivalent spectrum of habits I have found in hetero and gay customers.


This are considered the products We have see throughout my living: *DoesnA?t mater to experience a reputation for my favorite direction *In reality I believe atraction to lady and people, I’m sure as soon as is like once its merely respect. *You will find a different type of activities and types of opinion that I think are hazardous for my health in some way. *If I am wanna continue to be ideal and feel great, we dont need certainly to think to a lot within this abstraction *Is vital you shouldn’t be bashful for the reason why I believe *CanA?t explained all people your likes or around a person, that’s private, you have to know the amount of to tell you and who’s going to be truly somebody. It’s no essential *Im yes I am perhaps not homosexual, hence my personal bisexuality happens to be due to many issue, best me personally can be sure of what I in the morning. I am happy with myself and what I am (one like other people).


Ia€™m a committed men 45years outdated. I didn’t ponder even are with men until our mid 30a€™s. I have no destination to people. Ia€™m typically drawn to having sexual intercourse. If I am with a person, I simply bottom part. The fast and over. I really like the sex but no more. I never ever view people in societal environment and imagine, a€? I would personally love to staying with hima€? they way i actually do with wife. Ia€™m uncertain if Ia€™m bisexual, or simply a sex addict ? We think about me heterosexual, but because I do have intercourse with people, nearly all would name me bisexual. I never best, and just adult friend finders ideal with women. Really does anybody else have actually an identical feel ?

precisely what an excellent story


How possess this influenced your lady


This could be a character which is attached to pornagraphy which causes you to discover and imagine differently, darkly differently. I am certain this because I get viewed pornography and may see a penis in a pattern on a wall. Ita€™s a spirit, with a lying nature behind it. You will need to start to see the variation it brings about in mind and graphic stimulus. Prevent viewing the porna€¦.stop getting desensitized.