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About Us

Our work strives to enhance our sense of surroundings, identity and relationship to others and the physical spaces we inhabit, whether feral or human-made.

Selected Awards
  • 2004 — Aga Khan Award for Architecture
  • 2009 — Mies van der Rohe Award
  • 2013 — AIA/ALA Library Building Award
  • 2015 — Best Interior, Designers Saturday
  • 2016 — AIA New York Honor Award

Probably the most thing that is important comprehend is that most of these concerns, while extremely vivid and genuine to you personally, just sound right within a belief system your son not any longer takes.

Probably the most thing that is important comprehend is that most of these concerns, while extremely vivid and genuine to you personally, just sound right within a belief system your son not any longer takes.

There’s no feeling in creating threats of Hell or damnation any longer: atheists usually do not think such a place exists. We don’t believe such a accepted place could occur. The point that is essential to consider is he lives in has now become all the more important while we no longer believe that there are places beyond the world, the world. That’s all we now have. That’s all we ever have actually. Their globe is household, and college, and buddies: all of these things structure his life in which he will be needing them more than ever before. You are needed by him. He’s still a youngster, and he’s a young child working with Really Big concerns into the best way he can: honestly and critically.

Just about everybody has arrived at this true point seriously. This needs to be emphasized. We’re perhaps not enraged at God, we’re maybe not looking to get attention or going right through some cultural phase. We viewed the arguments on both edges and found the best summary we’re able to. We have only 70 odd years on this earth. We make errors, too; our company is fallible animals at risk of error and haste. We do our most useful. And quite often our most readily useful is ‘well, I don’t think any one of this might be right.’ We don’t pretend to own all of the answers. We don’t rightly understand where in fact the world originated from, or exactly how life began in the beginning. But I don’t want all of the responses to learn that some email address details are the ones that are wrong. We don’t know, and I also don’t think Christians, or Muslims, or Taoists understand either. They claim to understand; I claim not to understand.

Suppose I’m wrong. Suppose your son is incorrect. I’m standing outside the pearly gates and St. Peter, or Jesus Himself, offers me one possiblity to explain myself. Exactly what would we say except “I’m sorry — i obtained it incorrect. I must say I attempted. But i acquired it wrong. We saw most of the various religions, each saying various things, all changing over time. It seemed simply part of human being tradition, perhaps not truth that is ultimate. We saw suffering that is unnecessary couldn’t make minds or tails of it, if perhaps you were good and all-powerful. It didn’t add up in my opinion to posit one thing current to spell out existence: that gets it backwards. I’m sorry, God, that i did son’t rely on you, nonetheless it wasn’t malicious — I just — We simply screwed up.”

Exactly what would Jesus say to that particular? Would I be sent by him to suffer forever? Do I deserve become tortured eternally because we read Lucretius as a young man — the 2,000 yr old Roman poet whom professed their atheism before Christ ever stepped desert sand? It wanting because I looked at the ontological argument and found?

Or would he press me to Him and forgive me personally? And wouldn’t we desire that forgiveness?

When there is a God that could deliver us to Hell in making this blunder, I don’t want it in my own life. Absolutely nothing warrants torture. Very little. And then he wouldn’t be worthy of worship–or also respect. If he’s merciful, I quickly will apologize. He doesn’t exist–then I live my life as a free man if I am right–and.

And that’s how atheists live: under actual freedom. The philosopher that is german had written that ‘freedom is duty’ — genuine freedom. I am accountable for the effects of my actions. Therefore: how do you live? Exactly what do I Actually Do? Do I would like to live in a society where everyone else does what they will get away with? Exactly what criteria do we up hold myself to? this is actually the essence regarding the morality that is atheist’s their freedom, their rationality.

Before even Lucretius composed his atheistic treatise De Rerum Natura, there clearly was another guy, Socrates, whom asked a straightforward and startling concern: Does Jesus state one thing is great because it is good, or is one thing good because Jesus claims its? We should be mindful right here. If what exactly is good is whatever Jesus says is good, then we’ve no morality after all, but caprice. If Jesus states: kill your son! it really is advisable that you destroy your son. Then it is good, by definition, that children be murdered if God says: from henceforth, children shall be murdered. But that is not morality. That’s authoritarianism. And I ask: why if you say: “But God would never do that? Because when there is a reason, then goodness is separate from Jesus all things considered. It really is grounded somewhere else. In exactly what? Well: maybe in explanation it self? Or even morality is merely area of the universe — a different sort of style of component, in contrast to your couch or TV or even the moon is component associated with the world, nevertheless the means numbers, or relations (like ‘equal to’) — an abstract item, none less the true.

There clearly was a really, very tradition that is long of convinced that is, in reality, more than Christianity it self. In philosophy classes we instruct knowledge that has been recorded a millennium before Christ. In case it is impractical to be good without Jesus, there wouldn’t be one atheist that is virtuous. Yet you can find scores of us non-religious males and ladies in the world, and now we reside our life, as most readily useful we are able to. Atheists don’t fill the papers with stories of debauchery or carnag — clearly we are able to figure it away on our very own.

Well. Not exactly on our personal. We now have one another. No-one else — just one another. And that’s enough. Therefore be here for the son.