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About Us

Our work strives to enhance our sense of surroundings, identity and relationship to others and the physical spaces we inhabit, whether feral or human-made.

Selected Awards
  • 2004 — Aga Khan Award for Architecture
  • 2009 — Mies van der Rohe Award
  • 2013 — AIA/ALA Library Building Award
  • 2015 — Best Interior, Designers Saturday
  • 2016 — AIA New York Honor Award

I would ike to let you know about Do the meanings are known by you of the Old Sayings?

I would ike to let you know about Do the meanings are known by you of the Old Sayings?

A stitch with time saves nine

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If one thing requires restoring, repair it the moment the truth is it. Do not wait until the harm worsens beyond fix.

Some state this saying that is old with ships that used sails. Perhaps the tiniest opening had been fixed the moment it had been seen to stop further harm to the sail that could suggest saving the everyday lives associated with the males up to speed.

Additionally it is believed to result from tailor stores in old England. Clothing had been fixed when rips had been found to stop loss in the entire apparel. There have beenn’t clothes shops on every part nor had been funds easily obtainable to simply change the garment at might.

If you are belated with one task, you will end up later in a complete many more

My Papa said a similar thing when I became growing up. He hated being belated for such a thing. We had been usually 2 hours early for church.

With all the unforeseen occurring most of the time on a homestead, it is simpler to adapt through the entire if the necessary chores of the morning are done on time day. I have learned if We allow the birds out later, I quickly’m late getting to your barn, this means i am belated milking, this means i am late….

Never ever look something special horse into the lips

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I became astonished to master this supposed to perhaps not accept something special without questioning. I usually thought it implied be thankful regardless of where it comes down from.

It is use that is original to concern why some one had been providing you with one thing with out a explanation. This idea was in line with the person Visalia escort girl going back later anticipating one to take action for them in substitution for the gift. There was clearly the likelihood it could be something you’lln’t wish to accomplish but would feel obligated to as you received something special from their website.

Most importantly of all, farming is just life of hope

I will wholeheartedly concur with this particular declaration. Crops fail, but we plant once once once again in hope. Pets die, but we breed or buy once again in hope. Fences break up, but we repair in hope. On we’re able to opt for all of that could and sometimes does fail on a homestead, yet we get on…in hope.

A tottering fence without, means trouble in your house

The healthiness of one’s farm and house had been considered a representation regarding the person that is inward condition associated with the household. Then others felt sure there was something wrong with the whole home if fences were falling down. This saying that is old originally utilized to point marital difficulty: a person whom does not love their spouse or house will maybe not look after things.

Make Hay Although The Sun Shines

It’s really similar to the famous John Wayne saying, “You’re burin’ daylight,” which will be one of my own favorites. That one is unusual for the reason that it absolutely was a literal saying from Old England. People who set up hay know you only cut, rack, stack, and bail hay with regards to’s sunny and also the hay is dry. If rain is in the forecast, farmers rush to obtain the work done ahead of the hay gets damp and it is ruined.

It’s started to mean concerning the thing that is same, “Don’t put down until the next day what can be done today.”

Do not count your birds before they hatch

Certainly one of Ma Ingalls’ favorite sayings. Is not it interesting how exactly we all understand whom she’s. She lived her life without ever due to the fact people would recognize her title and consider her a 100 years later on.

Anyway, this saying is pretty self-explanatory. Never count thing as therefore until it really is done.

Less said, sooner mended

Another of Ma Ingalls’ old sayings. In a messy situation, you can cause yourself more heartache and harm if you keep it stirred up if you find yourself. Allow it to alone and it’ll perish a normal death.

A of Sundays month

When you look at the days of the past, there have been a lot of spiritual guidelines in what could and might never be done on Sunday. This made the time appear such a long time, particularly to kids. Therefore needless to say, this expression is employed to point a lengthy, sluggish time period.

By hook or by crook

This old saying is believed to originate from a Medieval legislation saying peasants might use branches of any tree for firewood with one condition. They’d to help you to achieve the branch utilizing a shepherd’s crook or a billhook. Making use of one or both these tools, they are able to get timber for heating and cooking.

Inside our time, it is come to mean some way a thing is likely to be done.

Nothing falls in to the lips of a resting fox

The fox is a creature that is sneaky has got to work with their meals. This goes as well as another regarding the old sayings, “The resting fox will get no chicken.” Those two merely suggest someone who does n’t eat. a concept numerous inside our society should study from. No, we don’t suggest those that can’t strive to offer, i am talking about people who can and will not.

Do not allow the pet out from the case

There’s a story that is interesting this saying. Right Back from getting away in they day, piglets that were sold in open markets were placed in burlap bags to keep them. Crooked merchants would place cats that are large the bad in place of a piglet.

In the event that customer don’t look at the case he was stuck holding the bag, another old saying and was without recourse before he left the merchant. He could perhaps perhaps not show he did not swap them when he left the marketplace.

A buyer that is shrewd start the bag to appear before he paid the vendor and would “let the pet out from the case.” Today this means to help keep a key.

Don’t place your entire eggs in one single container

A straightforward, yet profound meaning in this old saying. Placed on numerous regions of life, it just methods to diversify yourself, your time and effort, your power as well as your cash. Discover all you can; care for all of your being; spend your self in relationships; don’t’ over-extend your resources; and don’t hyper concentrate on any one money adventure that is making.

Well, exactly how’d you are doing? Do you realize the origins or definitions among these sayings that are old? Have you got another old saying the meaning can be shared by you of with us? Share within the opinions below.