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About Us

Our work strives to enhance our sense of surroundings, identity and relationship to others and the physical spaces we inhabit, whether feral or human-made.

Selected Awards
  • 2004 — Aga Khan Award for Architecture
  • 2009 — Mies van der Rohe Award
  • 2013 — AIA/ALA Library Building Award
  • 2015 — Best Interior, Designers Saturday
  • 2016 — AIA New York Honor Award

Mexico social insights.Local and Canadian views for the following subjects:

Mexico social <a href="">is fubar a scam</a> insights.Local and Canadian views for the following subjects:

Invite peers out for lunch or coffee, or reciprocate their provides for similar. With this right time, show your desire for one other items that are very important in their mind, as described above. As soon as the discussion does go on to topics that are work-related start with describing your connections with people that trusted and respected by the colleague or client. This will be a universal strategy, but specially effective in Mexico and works in very similar method as your own guide would facilitate your trust in a new colleague. Small tokens, such as for example baking a meal from your home, are valued in a big method.

Privileges and favouritism

Regional viewpoint

Chosen treatment, pay enhance, hiring of his/her buddies or family members, etc can be expected. Friendship and work are intimately associated. Friendship is respected very very, you will do most situations for a buddy, including assisting him/her at work.

Canadian viewpoint

There was an expectation of individual favours extended in professional matters, like setting up an excellent term for a relative, taking into consideration the hire of the friend’s business over another, etc. Most of these favours can be prevented effortlessly by describing it is from the hands, or your employer would discover, or otherwise not accept. However, additionally, it is quite typical for folks to inquire of to borrow funds you have it if they know. This a thing that is significantly harder to talk your way to avoid it of as people usually ask the price of things you have got purchased, just how money that is much make. It really is appropriate to lie, however you are required to resolve these questions & most usually information about salaries is general public knowledge anyhow. There are occasions when you should lend the amount of money, whenever, it would be truly thought of as a personal blow if you refuse. To put it differently, along side relationship in certain cases comes the expectation of lending both psychological and monetary help, and if you’re working together and they’re alert to your finances, it creates it harder to make individuals down.

Disputes at work

Local viewpoint

A work-related issue should be confronted straight and independently, just as if the individual had been a pal. Whenever a colleague is having issues to you, it is extremely not likely she or he will confront you straight. Probably you would notice.

Canadian viewpoint

The norm is generally to visit a manager to deal with work-related issues, and also this can also be the manner in which you will dsicover down in cases where a colleague includes a nagging problem to you. Dealing along with it on a tactful, personal degree would definitely be valued; nevertheless, if it doesn’t work, go on it up to a general public degree. I think it is maybe easier as a foreigner to manage these issues one using one, where I am allowed more leeway in naivety with regards to the purchase of things. I will explain my issue, saying that possibly I continue to have my Canadian expectations in tow but regardless, it is bothering me personally so we should talk about it. We hence have a opportunity that is non-confrontational deal with my issues.

Encouraging colleagues that are local

Neighborhood viewpoint

Money, task satisfaction (according to just how versatile their task is; the greater flexible the higher), simply how much they such as the individuals they work with and for, and general public task recognition. This last one essential.

Canadian viewpoint

Your colleagues are generally motivated by a feeling of loyalty towards the company as well as its people, and a feeling of obligation. There isn’t equivalent style of financial incentives which can be typical in Canada: bonuses are often unrelated to performance and there could be small space for advertising if there are certainly others with more powerful academic backgrounds when you look at the running. Individuals frequently talk about the length of time they will have worked someplace in regards to their loyalty for their boss, their relationships with co-workers, and exactly how lucky they truly are to possess some feeling of task safety. They also value flexibility in hours to help you to have meal using their family members or leave early to select up kids, helping to make working effortlessly more important and much more worthwhile.

Recommended books, movies & meals

Regional viewpoint


Laberinto de la Soledad, Octavio Paz—one of the finest social and psychological analysis of Mexicans.


Luis Miguel Pop-singer, great music, old-fashioned mariachi and pop.

Conventional dishes

Chicken with Mole (chocolate and chile sauce); Chiles en Nogada (Green Chile Peppers full of meat having a nougat and cream sauce on the top).

Of good use internet links

Canadian viewpoint


El Norte: while a Guatemalan tale, it stays one of the better portrayals of this hardships and drama encountered within the look for a far better life crossing the edge into the US. That is perhaps one of the most issues that are relevant comes up over and over, specially as a foreigner as individuals would you like to share their tales to you. De la Calle: Brilliant depiction of road life in Mexico City. Amor te Duele: (present) While it is a movie for teens, it’s entertaining and relates to the class-ism and racism dilemmas stated earlier with great honesty. Y tu Mama TambiГ©n: extremely enjoyable, and it can help attune your ear to the local colloquialisms while it has little to do with Mexican culture per say.


The Norteña and Cumbia genres: figure out how to love them, they truly are every-where! Also, Elefante is certainly one of Mexico’s most bands that are popular with young and old. I happened to be effortlessly transformed and today it really is my favourite team aswell.

Publications to read through

Historia mínima de México: discover your history! Anything by Carlos Fuentes or Octavio Paz and Edward Weston’s Day Books: wonderful understanding of day to day life in Mexico through the Gringo viewpoint.

In-country tasks

Local viewpoint

This may all rely on where in Mexico you would certainly be visiting. Mexico is extremely rich culturally . The easiest way for more information about the tradition would be to socialize utilizing the locals. Locals would be the far better suggestions about restaurants, publications, movies, and places to check out. Do seek out magazines geared to locals and never to site visitors.

Canadian viewpoint